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Beyond IQ: A Triarchic Theory of Human Intelligence
Preface Part I. Introduction: 1. Conceptions of intelligence Part II. The Triarchic Theory: subtheories: 2. The context of intelligence 3. Experience and intelligence 4. Components of intelligenceExpand
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A triangular theory of love.
This article presents a triangular theory of love. According to the theory, love has three components: (a) intimacy, which encompasses the feelings of closeness, connectedness, and bondedness oneExpand
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The Psychology of Intelligence
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The concept of creativity: Prospects and paradigms.
If one wanted to select the best novelist, artist, entrepreneur, or even chief executive officer, one would most likely want someone who is creative. Indeed, today many CEOs are selected not forExpand
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Implicit theories of intelligence. creativity, and wisdom
A prestudy and four experiments were conducted in order to understand the nature and use of people's implicit theories of intelligence, creativity, and wisdom. In the prestudy, a brief questionnaireExpand
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Construct validation of a triangular love scale
This article presents a construct validation of a love scale based upon a triangular theory of love. The article opens with a review of some of the major theories of love, and with a discussion ofExpand
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The Theory of Successful Intelligence
This article describes the theory of successful intelligence and how it can be applied to gifted education. The article opens with an introduction to the issue of abilities in gifted education. ItExpand
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Practical Intelligence in Everyday Life
1. What is practical intelligence? 2. The nature of intelligence 3. The specificity of practical intelligence: phenomenology and development 4. Practical intelligence in the workplace 5. ApproachesExpand
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Most vocabulary is learned from context.
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