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Mars Helicopter Technology Demonstrator
Nomenclature ADC Analog-to-Digital Converter BIB Battery Interface Board COTS Commerical Off-the-shelf CPU Central Processor Unit dof degrees-of-freedom ECM Electronics Core Module EDM EngineeringExpand
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Evaluation of the Age-Adjusted Incidence of Hip Fractures Between Urban and Rural Areas: The Difference Is Not Related to the Prevalence of Institutions for the Elderly
Abstract: As many as 40% of hip fractures occur in institutions for the elderly. Several studies have demonstrated a higher age-adjusted incidence of hip fractures in urban areas compared with ruralExpand
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Lateral retrocanthal orbitotomy: a minimally invasive, canthus-sparing approach.
OBJECTIVE To develop and evaluate a minimally invasive technique of lateral orbitotomy that provides improved orbital access with fewer complications. METHODS A cadaver study was undertaken toExpand
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Online Scheduling and Interference Alleviation for Low-Latency, High-Throughput Processing of Data Streams
We propose an algorithm for online scheduling of stream processing computations that reduces interference that adversely impacts performance. Expand
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Extreme temperature (-170/spl deg/C to +125/spl deg/C) electronics for nanorover operation
The design of the electronics control and data system for the extreme environment seen by a 1.3 kg, 1666 cubic cm nanorover is presented. The Muses-CN electronics is a low mass, low volume, low powerExpand
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Trident: Distributed Storage, Analysis, and Exploration of Multidimensional Phenomena
Rising storage and computational capacities have led to the accumulation of voluminous datasets. Expand
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Operation of FPGAs at Extremely Low Temperatures
This paper describes the operation of FPGAs at very low temperatures eg -160(deg)C. Both Actel and Xilinx parts are tested It was found that low temperature operations is not a problem with the partsExpand
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The COCHLEA: A New Functional Outcome Measure for Pediatric Cochlear Implant Patients
Abstract Problem: Pediatric cochlear implant recipients have been historically assessed postoperatively with audiometric testing in a soundproof booth by trained audiologists. Assessment ofExpand
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Compute Element and Interface Box for the Hazard Detection System
The Autonomous Landing and Hazard Avoidance Technology (ALHAT) program is building a sensor that enables a spacecraft to evaluate autonomously a potential landing area to generate a list of hazardousExpand