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  • R. Stephenson
  • Medicine
  • The British journal of ophthalmology
  • 1 November 1962
Modelling of rotors with axisymmetric solid harmonic elements
Abstract In rotating machinery analysis, the rotating shaft is typically modeled by a series of line or beam elements. These beam elements are formulated from classical beam theory, with a basicExpand
Modeling Rotating Shafts Using Axisymmetric Solid Finite Elements with Matrix Reduction
An axisymmetric harmonic finite element representation is used to calculate shaft lateral critical speeds and perform stability analysis. Unlike a beam element model, an axisymmetric solid elementExpand
On-the-Job Training in the Air Force: A Systems Analysis.
Abstract : A systems analysis of the Air Force OJT system was conducted. After many on-site visits and conferences and interviews with hundreds of supervisors and trainees, 17 problem areas wereExpand
Modeling of complex rotor systems by combining rotor and substructure models
Abstract Rotor systems have several unique characteristics in comparison to other dynamic systems, especially gyroscopic effects in rotating portions, non-symmetric matrix terms, and properties whichExpand
Hypertensive Retinal Changes and Sympathectomy
  • R. Stephenson
  • Medicine
  • Proceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine
  • 1 October 1948
Mr. Frank Law said that he had notes of a similar case. This was in a lady, aged 37, who was sent to him in 1943 because she was worried about her eyes. She said that her vision had always been bad.Expand