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Splenic infarction: 10 years of experience.
This study presents, to the best of the knowledge, the largest series of patients with splenic infarction diagnosed on clinical and radiological grounds, and awareness of the diagnostic possibility of splenicinfarction in a patient with unexplained abdominal pain is important. Expand
Undertreatment of acute pain in the emergency department: a challenge.
Inadequate pain management in the ED appears related to poor staff assessment of pain and may be improved by routine VAS recording and by a nurse-based pain protocol. Expand
Renal infarction in the ED: 10-year experience and review of the literature.
Renal infarction should be considered in the differential diagnosis of a patient presented to the emergency department with abdominal or flank pain and laboratory workup should include lactate dehydrogenase levels. Expand
Organizational factors affecting length of stay in the emergency department: initial observational study
High LOS may lead to increases in expenditures and may have implications for patient safety, whereas certain organizational changes, communication improvement, and time management may have a positive effect on it. Expand
Acute psychosocial stress and cardiovascular events.
Victims of natural disasters, such as earthquakes and other conditions of extreme stress should be evaluated for physical injuries as well as for cardiac disease. Expand
Enhanced gastric nitric oxide synthase activity in duodenal ulcer patients.
It is suggested that in duodenal ulcer patients stimulated gastric mucosal nitric oxide synthase activity, though independent of the H pylori state, may contribute to the pathogenesis of the disease. Expand
Effect of colchicine and bisacodyl on rat intestinal transit and nitric oxide synthase activity.
It is suggested that the effect of bisacodyl and colchicine on intestinal transport is, at least partly, mediated through NO inhibition. Expand
Near drowning in the dead sea. Electrolyte imbalances and therapeutic implications.
Near drowning in the Dead Sea represents a clinical entity that is associated with a high fatality rate and in which unrecognized major electrolyte abnormalities, in addition to the known respiratory complications, may influence the outcome. Expand
CMV colitis mimicking pseudomembranous enterocolitis.
(2'-5') oligo adenylate synthetase activity in leucocytes of patients with inflammatory bowel disease.
The low (2',5') oligo adenylate synthetase activity in peripheral blood mononuclear cells and granulocytes of patients with active inflammatory bowel disease may reflect decreased cellular response to interferon or a difference in the type of interferons elevated in viral diseases and in inflammatory bowel Disease. Expand