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Optimization of a spectrometer for energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence analysis by X-ray tubes in combination with secondary targets for multielement determination
The construction of a simple device for X-ray fluorescence analysis by use of an X-ray tube, secondary targets and filters is described. Optimal conditions and detection limits are determinedExpand
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Epilepsy and weather: A significant correlation between the onset of epileptic seizures and specific atmospherics — a pilot study
The possibility of connections between weather and the onset of epileptic seizures has long been suggested (see, for example, the Hammurabi Codex 1600 BC). Work in the 20th Century points to aExpand
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Ternäre Lösungsmittelsysteme für die Trennung von PTH-Aminosäuren mit Hilfe der Reversed-Phase Hochdruckflüssigkeits-Chromatographie
SummaryThe use of ternary solvent systems as mobile phases in the HPLC separation of selected PTH-amino acids (phe-lys, phe-ile, val-met) is described and it is shown that resolutions are obtainedExpand
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Analysis of uranium ores by energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence
ZusammenfassungDie Anwendbarkeit der energiedispersen Röntgenfluorescenzanalyse zur Bestimmung des Urangehaltes in Erzen wird am Beispiel von Uranerzproben bekannten Gehaltes demonstriert. Für dieExpand
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Counter-current flow behaviour of steam-saturated water and steam-subcooled water in the fuel element top nozzle area
Abstract In order to identify the flooding mechanisms, investigations of counter-current flow were performed with steam and water. As internals to the flow duct, a 4 × 4 rod bundle with tie-plate andExpand
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The influence of walls and upper tie plate slots on the flooding mechanism in fuel elements with and without heat transfer between steam and water
Abstract The counter-current flow of steam and water was experimentally investigated for the upper part of a PWR fuel element. The actual geometrical shape of the nuclear equipment was simulated byExpand
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Silica gel standards for the determination of trace elements in powdered samples with light matrix by X-ray fluorescence analysis
Durch die Entwicklung yon Halbleiterdetektoren, durch Verwendung von Radionukliden als monoenergetische Strahlenquellen sowie die Verbesserung der elektronischen Energiediskriminierung hat dieExpand
A flame-retardant and extrudates produced by means of press molding, flame-retardant moldings
The invention relates to flameproof extrudates, especially films, sheets and cable sheaths, with a polyalkylene terephthalate and pentabrombenzyl polyacrylate (PBBPA) base. The inventive extrudatesExpand