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Volte stellari e planteriane negli atri barocchi in Torino - Star-shaped and Planterian Vaults in Turin Baroque Atria
Le volte stellari e planteriane costituiscono il sistema di copertura, realizzato in muratura laterizia, piu diffuso negli atri di palazzi e case nobiliari torinesi fra gli ultimi decenni del
The ‘Regular Fortress’ by Guarini and the Citadel of Turin
In his Trattato di Fortificatione, Guarino Guarini described and drew a pentagonal bastioned scheme as an ideal ‘regular fortress’. The closely connected geometry, architecture, and ballistics in the
Rectangular Ratios in the Design of Villas from Serlio’s Manuscript for Book VII of Architecture
The object of the research is to recognize the application of the seven rectangular ratios described by Serlio in Book I on Geometry (1545) in the designs of the 24 villas presented in the Vienna
Complex Vaulted Systems: Geometry and Architecture from Design to Construction
In Western architecture, masonry and stonework vaults were the main structures used over the centuries for covering the internal spaces of the buildings. In specific historical periods (e.g. Middle
Parametric Modeling as a Tool of Analysis and Interpretation of Built Heritage
This chapter develops, using parametric modeling tools, a real vocabulary of shapes and their possible combinations, suggested by the architectural literature of the time and the survey of about seventy atria in Turin.
Geometry, Arithmetic, Architecture. Calculation Methods for Vault Surfaces in the Modo di Misurare le Fabriche by Guarini
  • R. Spallone
  • Materials Science
    Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
  • 7 July 2018
Three-dimensional digital modeling, realized for the present research on Guarini graphic schemes, allows us to verify the degree of accuracy of the proposed calculation methods, by comparing the analytical calculation of the surfaces applying Guarani’s formulas and the automatic calculation offered by the modeling software.
Baroque Turin, Between Geometry and Architecture
In the baroque Turin it is possible to identify routes aimed to discover atria of palaces and houses, freely accessible, whose unitary vaulted systems made of brickworks show an admirable combination
Digital Interactive Baroque Atria in Turin: A Project Aimed to Sharing and Enhancing Cultural Heritage
Turin Baroque atria, characterized by complex vaulted systems, are a unique case in the architecture of the time. These atria have been realized with particular spatial schemes that present: unified
Using software prototypes, the most recent developments in a project aimed to the documentation, storage and dissemination of the cultural heritage are presented, including possibilities for recognizing and tracing three-dimensional objects in augmented reality (AR) applications connected to the collected data.
In the Space and in the Time. Representing Architectural Ideas by Digital Animation
The author investigates on the methods, techniques and languages of the fourth-dimensional representation of architecture, almost unexplored area of research thus far, by relating them with the architects’ personal poetics and traces an ideal interpretative path.