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The characteristics of Na+, K+ and free proline distribution in several drought-resistant plants of the Alxa Desert, China
The data suggest that Na+ accumulation rather than exclusion may be one of the most effective strategies for adaptation of succulent xerophytes to and environments.
Hydraulic lift in drought-tolerant and -susceptible maize hybrids
This report has documented the existence of genetic variations in hydraulic lift among maize hybrids and links between hydraulic lift and drought tolerance within maize plants and appears that one of drought tolerance mechanisms in maize may lie in the extent of hydraulic lift.
Biosolids application in the Chihuahuan desert: effects on runoff water quality.
Surface-applied biosolids, the option most often used on range-lands, can increase the concentration of macronutrients and trace elements in the runoff water and can potentially produce
Shoot and root biomass of desert grasses as affected by biosolids application
Abstract This research evaluated the effects of level and season of biosolids application and irrigation regime on shoot and root biomass production of blue grama ( Bouteloua gracilis (H.B.K.) Lag.
Responses of photosynthesis and water relations to rainfall in the desert shrub creosote bush (Larrea tridentata) as influenced by municipal biosolids.
Responses of photosynthesis (P-n), stomatal conductance (g(s)), pre-dawn leaf water potential (Psi (1p)) and leaf water content (omega (1)) of creosote bush to 10 rainfall events in the Chihuahuan
Surface biosolids application: effects on infiltration, erosion, and soil organic carbon in Chihuahuan Desert grasslands and shrublands.
Biosolids application affected infiltration rate, cumulative infiltration, and erosion in Chihuahuan Desert grassland and shrubland, and the extent of reduction in erosion depended on the initial erodibility of the site.
Precipitation and mowing effects on highway rights-of-way vegetation height and safety
Managing highway rights-of-way (HROW) for safety depends upon the annual precipitation received and vegetation mowing practices. This study was conducted along a precipitation gradient in Texas, USA,
Patterns of Water Use by Great Basin Plant Species Under Summer Watering
We analyzed temporal and spatial patterns of water use by a functionally-diverse group of Great Basin plant species and determined their water use rates at the whole-plant and individual-leaf scales
Will mesquite control with 2,4,5 T enhance grass production?
Highlight: Both honey mesquite density and percent of plants dead the year of aerial spraying with 2,4,5-T proved to be major factors influencing perennial grass production. Sites with sparse honey