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Gravitational action with null boundaries
The present paper provides a complete treatment of boundary terms in general relativity to include cases with lightlike boundary segments along with the usual spacelike and timelike ones.Expand
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The additivity of classical probabilities is only the first in a hierarchy of possible sum rules, each of which implies its successor. The first and most restrictive sum rule of the hierarchy yieldsExpand
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Classical sequential growth dynamics for causal sets
Starting from certain causality conditions and a discrete form of general covariance, we derive a very general family of classically stochastic, sequential growth dynamics for causal sets. TheExpand
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Finitary substitute for continuous topology
Finite topological spaces are combinatorial structures that can serve as replacements for, or approximations to, bounded regions within continuous spaces such as manifolds. In this spirit, theExpand
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Kaluza-Klein Monopole
By adding the trivial term $\ensuremath{-}d{t}^{2}$ one can convert the four-dimensional (positive-definite) Newman-Unti-Tamburino line element into a static solution of the five-dimensional vacuumExpand
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Causal sets: Discrete gravity
These are some notes in lieu of the lectures I was scheduled to give, but had to cancel at the last moment. In some places, they are more complete, in others much less so, regrettably. I hope they atExpand
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Signal-detection analysis of group decision making.
How effectively can groups of people make yes-or-no decisions? To answer this question, we used signal-detection theory to model the behavior of groups of human participants in a visual detectionExpand
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Quantum Measure Theory and its Interpretation
  • R. Sorkin
  • Computer Science, Physics
  • 30 July 1995
We propose a realistic, spacetime interpretation of quantum theory in which reality constitutes a *single* history obeying a "law of motion" that makes definite, but incomplete, predictions about itsExpand
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Quantum dynamics without the wavefunction
When suitably generalized and interpreted, the path integral offers an alternative to the more familiar quantal formalism based on state vectors, self-adjoint operators and external observers.Expand
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An exercise in "anhomomorphic logic"
A classical logic exhibits a threefold inner structure comprising an algebra of propositions , a space of "truth values" V, and a distinguished family of mappings from propositions to truth values.Expand
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