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CO2, CH4 and N2O flux through a Wyoming snowpack and implications for global budgets
INCREASING atmospheric concentrations of the three main greenhouse gases—carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide— account for about 70% of anticipated global warming1, but theExpand
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Diffusional flux of CO2 through snow: Spatial and temporal variability among alpine‐subalpine sites
Three alpine and three subalpine sites were monitored for up to 4 years to acquire data on the temporal and spatial variability of CO2 flux through snowpacks. We conclude that the snow formed aExpand
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A model investigation of turbulence‐driven pressure‐pumping effects on the rate of diffusion of CO2, N2O, and CH4 through layered snowpacks
Pressure pumping at the Earth's surface is caused by short-period atmospheric turbulence, longer-period barometric changes, and quasi-static pressure fields induced by wind blowing across irregularExpand
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Nitrogen saturation in the Rocky Mountains
Nitrogen saturation is occurring throughout high-elevation catchments of the Colorado Front Range. Annual inorganic N loading in wet deposition to the Front Range of ∼4 kg ha-1 yr-1 is about twiceExpand
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Ionic tracer movement through a wyoming snowpack
Abstract A meltwater ionic pulse with initial concentrations of 5–10 or more times the average was observed in lysimeters set at the base of a 2-m snowpack in an unpolluted, alpine watershed. BothExpand
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Correlation lengths of meltwater flow through ripe snowpacks, Colorado Front Range, USA
The flowpaths of meltwater through snow is known to be an inhomogeneous process. The spatial distribution of meltwater flowing from the bottom of melting snowpacks is the result of horizontal andExpand
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Quasi-steady temperature gradient metamorphism in idealized, dry snow
ABSTRACT A three-dimensional model for heat and mass transport in microscale ice lattices of dry snow is formulated consistent with conservation laws and solid-vapor interface constraints. A finiteExpand
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A review of snow acoustics
Snow acoustics can be divided into two major areas. One is the attempt to understand the acoustic properties of snow and to relate them to other material properties. In this area the major advanceExpand
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Methane and nitrous oxide flux in a Wyoming subalpine meadow
Soil is considered the major source for both atmospheric nitrous oxide and methane. The studies reported in this paper measure methane and nitrous oxide fluxes during the snow-free time in aExpand
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