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Biometry: The Principles and Practice of Statistics in Biological Research
1. Introduction 2. Data in Biology 3. Computers and Data Analysis 4. Descriptive Statistics 5. Introduction to Probability Distributions 6. The Normal Probability Distribution 7. Hypothesis TestingExpand
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A statistical method for evaluating systematic relationships
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Multiple regression and correlation extensions of the mantel test of matrix correspondence
It is often necessary in population biology to compare two sets of distance measures. These measures can be based on genetic markers, morphological traits, geographic separation, ecologicalExpand
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Introduction to Biostatistics
Message to Students: This course is listed as Introduction to Biostatistics. There is no prerequisite of statistical backgrounds to the class. The objectives of this course are summarized in theExpand
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The Comparison of Dendrograms by Objective Methods
The purpose of this paper is to present a technique for comparing dendrograms resulting from numerical taxonomic research with one another and with dendrograms produced by conventional methods. OneExpand
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Principles of numerical taxonomy
This new edition continues the story of psychology with added research and enhanced content from the most dynamic areas of the field--cognition, gender and diversity studies, neuroscience and more,Expand
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