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A concise and scalable strategy for the total synthesis of dictyodendrin B based on sequential C-H functionalization.
A sequential CH functionalization strategy for the synthesis of the marine alkaloid dictyodendrin B is reported. Our synthesis begins from commercially available 4-bromoindole and involves sixExpand
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Catalytic enantioselective total synthesis of hodgkinsine B.
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Synthesis of Sedamine by Cycloisomerisation of an Allenic Hydroxylamine
Isoxazolidines have been prepared in a stereoselective manner by treatment of allenic hydroxylamines with silver(I). This methodology has been used in a short synthesis of the alkaloid (+)-sedamine.
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Catalytic enantioselective desymmetrisation as a tool for the synthesis of hodgkinsine and hodgkinsine B.
Two palladium-catalysed amination protocols are deployed in the desymmetrisation of the complex dimeric alkaloid meso-chimonanthine. The power of these transformations is showcased in an efficientExpand
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Tandem palladium-catalyzed urea arylation-intramolecular ester amidation: regioselective synthesis of 3-alkylated 2,4-quinazolinediones.
o-Halo benzoates can be combined with monoalkyl ureas in a tandem palladium-catalyzed arylation-ester amidation sequence to deliver quinazolinedione products. The reactions are regioselective forExpand
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Using scratch testing to measure the adhesion strength of calcium phosphate coatings applied to poly(carbonate urethane) substrates.
Bioactive coatings are applied to components of modern orthopædic implants to improve the host tissue response to the implants. Such coatings cannot be applied to polymeric implants byExpand
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Synthesis of N,O-Heterocycles by Intramolecular Conjugate Addition of a Hydroxylamine
Isoxazolidines and tetrahydro-1,2-oxazines were produced by a tandem deprotection-intramolecular Michael addition of hydroxylamines. For tetrahydrooxazine formation, high stereoselectivity wasExpand
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High precision manufacturing of polyurethane products such as spinal disc implants having gradual variation of modules
A process for making a polyurethane product (1) having a gradual variation in modulus through deal least part of the product, comprising the steps of: (a) reacting a multifunctional isocyanate, aExpand