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A high-power electron linear accelerator for food irradiation applications
Abstract The design and testing of a new microwave linac system is described. For electron beam kinetic energies in the range of 5–10 MeV, the average beam power capability exceeds 100 kW. A 5-MeVExpand
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A low cost, optically efficient carbon dioxide sensor based on nondispersive infra-red (NDIR) measurement at 4.2μm
Non-dispersive infra-red (NDIR) gas detection has enjoyed a widespread uptake as a result of the development of sensors in the so-called pellistor format, consisting of a cylinder with externalExpand
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Harmonic elimination in polyphase machines by graded windings
The usual method of controlling the harmonic components of the magnetomotive-force and electromotive-force waveforms of a polyphase machine is by distributing and chording the winding. Although thisExpand
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The rearrangement of heteroaryl nitrenes formed by pyrolysis of fused oxadiazolones at 600°C
Heteroaryl nitrenes were formed by pyrolysis of the corresponding ring-fused oxadiazolones at 600°/0.1-0.5 mm with short contact times. 2-Pyridyl and 3-iso-quinolyl nitrenes rearranged predominantlyExpand
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Synthesis of new 14-, 15- and 16-membered crown compounds containing oxygen and nitrogen heteroatoms
Facile syntheses for new 14-, 15-, and 16-membered crown compounds derived from salicylaldehyde and 5-chlorosalicylaldehyde are reported. The new compounds contain both oxygen and nitrogenExpand
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Phase space manipulation with laser-generated terahertz pulses
Ultrafast lasers are able to generate THz pulses with >1MV/m field strengths, and with controllable electric field temporal profiles. We report progress on an experimentto demonstrate the use ofExpand
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An Investigation into the Ergonomics of Open-Fronted Presses
Abstract A group of open-fronted power presses was studied to determine what ergonomic improvements could be brought about in their design. The press dimensions, operating forces required on pedalsExpand
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The rearrangement of 8-Phenyl-2-quinolyl nitrene at 530°
8-Phenyl-2-quinolyl nitrene, generated by pyrolysis of 9- phenyltetrazolo[1,5-a]-quinoline at 530°/0.2 mm, rearranged to form a single product, 7H-pyrido[2,3,4-gh]-phenanthridine (82%). The formationExpand
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DendriPeps: Expanding Dendrimer Functionality by Hybridizing Poly(amidoamine) (PAMAM) Scaffolds with Peptide Segments.
In this work, the first synthesis of poly(amidoamine) (PAMAM) dendrimers whose branches are hybridized with peptide segments (DendriPeps) is reported. The intercalation of amino acids within theExpand
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