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Comparison of long term fuel retention in JET between carbon and the ITER-Like Wall
Abstract Long term fuel retention experiments have been performed in JET with the ITER- Like Wall (JET-ILW) and compared with reference discharges in the preceding phase with carbon wall (JET-C) inExpand
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Low accuracy in judgments of others' psychological well-being as seen from a phenomenological perspective
The generally low degree of agreement between self-ratings on personality traits and ratings by others may be interpreted from the viewpoint that self-reports reflect people's experience ofExpand
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Brunnstrom therapy: Is it still relevant to stroke rehabilitation?
The Brunnstrom therapeutic approach to the management of hemiplegic patients is evaluated in the light of current theories of motor control and motor learning. The predominant basis of the BrunnstromExpand
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CMS, the magnet project: Technical design report
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A self-testing and self-diagnostic systolic array cell for signal processing
  • C. Chen, R. Smith
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  • Proceedings, International Conference on Wafer…
  • 29 January 1991
A built-in self test (BIST) method for a systolic array controller chip/multiplier-accumulator chip (SAC/MAC) was used to generate the signatures for all combinational blocks of each cell inExpand
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Management Educa Tion and Distance Learning: a New Model?
This article discusses the recent growth, popularity and use of distance learning in management education. Some of the issues involved in distance teaching are analysed by reviewing experience toExpand
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ITER-Like Tokamak Exhaust Gases in JET Active Gas Handling System: Process Optioneering
Abstract The Active Gas Handling System (AGHS) collects Tokamak exhaust gases from the JET machine and recovers, purifies and recycles the deuterium and tritium for fuelling the plasma. With theExpand
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