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Contribution from geriatric medicine within acute medical wards.
In 1977 a scheme of attachment to acute medical wards of consultants in geriatric medicine and associated junior medical staff was instituted in a large Edinburgh teaching hospital. The effect onExpand
Prospective study of necropsy audit of geriatric inpatient deaths.
AIMS: To evaluate the accuracy of clinical diagnosis by specialists in geriatric medicine and to compare this with a previous study involving non-specialists. METHOD: Clinical and necropsy diagnosesExpand
H2O ice in the envelopes of OH/IR stars.
In an attempt to better understand the conditions under which molecules condense onto grains in the envelopes of evolved stars, we have searched for the presence of H2O ice in the circumstellarExpand
Retroviral recombination is nonrandom and sequence dependent.
Sequence variation plays a significant role in the pathogenesis and persistence of retroviral infections and is a major obstacle in the development of vaccines as well as therapies against lethalExpand
The functional status of elderly people admitted to a local authority residential home.
One hundred and forty-one consecutive admissions to a large local authority residential home were studied to assess their functional level. Both panel (71) and emergency (70) admissions wereExpand
A potential well theory for the heat equation with a nonlinear boundary condition
The present paper employs potential well arguments of a previous work by the authors [6] to obtain a sharp existence-nonexistence alternative for solutions to the linear heat equation subject to aExpand
Descriptors list for apple (Malus)
Mixed lattice phases in cold dense matter
Over a wide density range, the ground state of cold neutral matter in the absence of external magnetic fields is a degenerate sea of electrons containing a lattice of nuclei. In certain densityExpand
Identification of Streamflow Stochastic Models
The identification of streamflow stochastic models is explored. The identification of the type of stochastic model is made, based on a conceptual physical representation of natural watershed. TheExpand