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Development of short forms of the Empathy Quotient (EQ-Short) and the Systemizing Quotient (SQ-Short)
Abstract The empathizing–systemizing (E–S) theory has been tested using the Empathy Quotient (EQ) and the Systemizing Quotient (SQ). The present study tested n = 1761 students with these instruments,Expand
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Forecasting Records by Maximum Likelihood
Abstract A maximum likelihood method of fitting a model to a series of records is proposed, using ideas from the analysis of censored data to construct a likelihood function based on observedExpand
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Weak instruments and empirical likelihood: a discussion of the papers by DWK Andrews and JH Stock and Y Kitamura
Initially this discussion briefly reviews the contributions of Andrews and Stock and Kitamura, henceforth A, S and K respectively. Because the breadth of material covered by AS and K is so vast, weExpand
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A fibronectin receptor on Candida albicans mediates adherence of the fungus to extracellular matrix.
  • S. Klotz, R. Smith
  • Biology, Medicine
  • The Journal of infectious diseases
  • 1 March 1991
Binding of fibronectin, an extracellular matrix (ECM) protein, to Candida albicans was measured, and adherence of the fungus to immobilized ECM proteins, fibronectin, laminin, types I and IVExpand
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Weibull regression models for reliability data
Abstract Regression models based on the Weibull distribution are reviewed, and a number of applications given involving reliability data. The main techniques involved are numerical maximum likelihoodExpand
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An Exploratory Investigation of Levels of Learning and Learning Efficiency Between Online and Face-to-face Instruction
This study examined differences in levels of learning and perceived efficiency between online (n = 22) and face-to-face (n = 32) graduate level subjects. Participants were master’s students enrolledExpand
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Adherence of Candida albicans to immobilized extracellular matrix proteins is mediated by calcium-dependent surface glycoproteins.
The adherence of Candida albicans to the extracellular matrix proteins type I collagen and fibronectin (Fn) is dependent upon the presence of extracellular calcium. In the absence of calcium, 14 +/-Expand
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Double-diffusion in oceanography. Special issue
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Wellness Model of Supervision: A Comparative Analysis
This quasi-experimental study compared the effectiveness of the Wellness Model of Supervision (WELMS; Lenz & Smith, 2010) with alternative supervision models for developing wellness constructs, totalExpand
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Suppressor Variables in Multiple Regression/Correlation
Since Horst (1941) first discussed and defined the suppressor variable in multiple regression/correlation, a number of more nearly precise definitions has been offered (Cohen and Cohen, 1975; Conger,Expand
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