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Rapid population increases in native vascular plants in the Argentine Islands, Antarctic Peninsula
The relatively rapid increase in the abundance and distribution of these species is considered to be a response to the increasing summer air temperatures being experienced in the region of the maritime Antarctic.
New and rare moss species from subantarctic South Georgia
The moss flora of South Georgia is currently estimated to comprise about 115 species, with Twenty-two of these recorded for the first time from the island, namely Andreaea obovata Thed, first record from the austral region.
Dry coastal ecosystems of Antarctica
Bryum Hedw. Collected from Lake Vanda, Antarctica
Bryum cf. algens Card. was collected by SCUBA divers from 9-31 m in the benthos of perennially ice-covered Lake Vanda (77032'S, 161035 'E), Wright Valley, southern Victoria Land, Antarctica. It