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The Community Climate System Model Version 3 (CCSM3)
Abstract The Community Climate System Model version 3 (CCSM3) has recently been developed and released to the climate community. CCSM3 is a coupled climate model with components representing theExpand
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Parallel ocean general circulation modeling
Abstract We have developed a global ocean model on the massively parallel CM-2 Connection Machine based on the Bryan-Cox-Semtner ocean general circulation model. This paper discusses the ConnectionExpand
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Implicit free‐surface method for the Bryan‐Cox‐Semtner ocean model
The surface pressure reformulation of the Bryan-Cox-Semtner global ocean model, which we developed recently, has been further improved by eliminating the rigid-lid approximation in favor of anExpand
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Isoneutral Diffusion in a z-Coordinate Ocean Model
This paper considers the requirements that must be satisfied in order to provide a stable and physically based isoneutral tracer diffusion scheme in a z-coordinate ocean model. Two properties areExpand
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Resolution convergence and sensitivity studies with North Atlantic circulation models. Part I: The western boundary current system
Abstract The fidelity of numerical simulations of the general circulation of the North Atlantic Ocean in basin- to global-scale models have improved considerably in the last several years. ThisExpand
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The North Atlantic Subpolar Gyre in Four High-Resolution Models
The authors present the first quantitative comparison between new velocity datasets and high-resolution models in the North Atlantic subpolar gyre [1U10° Parallel Ocean Program model (POPNA10), MiamiExpand
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On the Mixing Coefficient in the Parameterization of Bolus Velocity
Mesoscale eddies in the ocean play an important role in the ocean circulation. In order to simulate the ocean circulation, mesoscale eddies must be included explicitly or parameterized. The eddyExpand
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Global eddy-resolving ocean simulations driven by 1985-1995 atmospheric winds
Results are presented from a high-resolution global ocean model that is driven through three decadal cycles of increasingly realistic prescribed atmospheric forcing from the period 1985–1995. TheExpand
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Aberrant mobility phenomena of the DNA repair protein XPA
The DNA repair protein XPA recognizes a wide variety of bulky lesions and interacts with several other proteins during nucleotide excision repair. We recently identified regions of intrinsic orderExpand
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A Reformulation and Implementation of the Bryan-Cox-Semtner Ocean Model on the Connection Machine
Abstract Certain aspects of the Semtner-Chervin version of the Bryan-Cox-Semtner global ocean model are reformulated for improved efficiency on parallel computer architectures and on the ConnectionExpand
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