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Compendium of Turfgrass Diseases
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Crop Damage Estimates for Crown Rot of Wheat and Barley in the Pacific Northwest.
Crown rot of wheat and barley in the Pacific Northwest is caused by a complex of Fusarium pseudograminearum, F. culmorum, F. avenaceum, Bipolaris sorokiniana, and Microdochium nivale. Yield-lossExpand
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Pathogenic fungi associated with Fusarium foot rot of winter wheat in the semiarid Pacific Northwest
Winter wheat plants and soil were collected from 288 nonirrigated fields in the semiarid Pacific Northwest during 1993 and 1994. Fungi associated with 5,390 crown and subcrown internodes from 10Expand
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Influence of glyphosate on Rhizoctonia root rot, growth, and yield of barley
Time intervals between applying glyphosate to kill volunteer cereals and weeds and planting spring barley by direct drilling (no-till) into Rhizoctonia-infested soil were evaluated in field plots atExpand
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Soil C and N changes under tillage and cropping systems in semi-arid Pacific Northwest agriculture
Soils in semi-arid regions are highly susceptible to soil organic matter (SOM) loss when cultivated because of erratic yield, removal of crop residue for feed or fuel, uncontrolled soil erosion, andExpand
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Diseases of wheat in long-term agronomic experiments at Pendleton, Oregon.
Diseases of winter wheat were evaluated over 3 years in four long-term (27- to 60-year) cropping system experiments. Disease incidence and severity were evaluated with respect to seasonalExpand
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Insights into the prevalence and management of soilborne cereal pathogens under direct seeding in the Pacific Northwest, U.S.A.
Direct seeding or no-till leaves the soil undisturbed, except where the seed is planted and the soil fertilized. It offers several advantages in small-grain cereal production, including reduction inExpand
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Pathogenicity of Fungi Associated with the Wheat Crown Rot Complex in Oregon and Washington.
Crown rot of wheat in the Pacific Northwest is caused by a complex including Bipolaris sorokiniana, Fusarium avenaceum, F. culmorum, F. pseudograminearum, and Microdochium nivale. RelativeExpand
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