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Crop Damage Estimates for Crown Rot of Wheat and Barley in the Pacific Northwest.
Crown rot caused the greatest losses during seasons of lowest precipitation but also damaged crops under wet conditions, and aboveground symptoms were not always apparent under conditions of moderate infection and yield constraint.
Pathogenic fungi associated with Fusarium foot rot of winter wheat in the semiarid Pacific Northwest
Winter wheat plants and soil were collected from 288 nonirrigated fields in the semiarid Pacific Northwest during 1993 and 1994 and F. graminearum Group 1 was most widespread and the dominant pathogen associated with a crown and root rot named Fusarium foot rot or dryland root rot.
Influence of glyphosate on Rhizoctonia root rot, growth, and yield of barley
Time intervals between applying glyphosate to kill volunteer cereals and weeds and planting spring barley by direct drilling (no-till) into Rhizoctonia-infested soil were evaluated in field plots at
Diseases of wheat in long-term agronomic experiments at Pendleton, Oregon.
Diseases of winter wheat were evaluated over 3 years in four long-term cropping system experiments to provide insights to crop management and seasonal effects that are unlikely to be identified in short-term experiments.
Insights into the prevalence and management of soilborne cereal pathogens under direct seeding in the Pacific Northwest, U.S.A.
This review covers some recent research on the four most important root diseases of cereals in the Pacific Northwest and their causal agents and the impact of management strategies, including crop rotation, residue management, control of inoculum from volunteers and weeds, fertilizer placement, genetic tolerance, biological control, and prediction of risk through DNA-based detection methods.
Pathogenicity of Fungi Associated with the Wheat Crown Rot Complex in Oregon and Washington.
Virulence ratings were variable among isolates for each species in all greenhouse and field experiments and was especially high for the location and year variables in field experiments.