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Whispering-gallery mode microdisk lasers
A new microlaser design based on the high‐reflectivity whispering‐gallery modes around the edge of a thin semiconductor microdisk is described and initial experimental results are presented. Optical
Large Raman gain and nonlinear phase shifts in high-purity As 2 Se 3 chalcogenide fibers
Third-order Kerr nonlinearities and Raman gain are studied experimentally in high-purity As2Se3 optical fibers for wavelengths near 1.55 μm. Kerr nonlinear coefficients are measured to be nearly 1000
Optical Processes in Microcavities
Studies of optical microresonators with dimensions between 0.1 and 10 microns are now under way in a wide variety of condensed matter systems. Ideally, one can isolate a single mode of the optical
Dispersive properties of optical filters for WDM systems
The phase response and resulting dispersion of optical filters in general and their impact on WDM system performance are considered and possible ways of linearizing the phase response without affecting the amplitude response are considered in an attempt to approximate the ideal filter and achieve the highest bandwidth utilization.
Improving transmission performance in differential phase-shift-keyed systems by use of lumped nonlinear phase-shift compensation.
We show that significant improvements in transmission performance can be achieved in differential phase-shift-keyed systems by use of lumped nonlinear phase-shift compensation (NPSC). A simple device
Demonstration of integrated microscale optics in surface-electrode ion traps
In ion trap quantum information processing, efficient fluorescence collection is critical for fast, high-fidelity qubit detection and ion–photon entanglement. The expected size of future many-ion
Introduction to applied solid state physics
  • R. Slusher
  • Materials Science
    Proceedings of the IEEE
  • 1 September 1981
Reliable transport through a microfabricated X-junction surface-electrode ion trap
We report the design, fabrication and characterization of a micro- fabricated surface-electrode ion trap that supports controlled transport through the two-dimensional intersection of linear trapping
Threshold characteristics of semiconductor microdisk lasers
This letter describes the threshold characteristics of InGaAs/InGaAsP microdisk lasers with optical emission near a wavelength λ=1.52 μm. More than 5% of the total spontaneous emission feeds into the
Polymer microdisk and microring lasers.
Dye-doped polymer microlasers have been fabricated by photolithography and self-assembly by forming polymer microring lasers on thinned silica fibers by dipping the fibers in polymers and allowing the polymer droplets to cure.