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Auricular chondrosis in a horse.
A 4-year-old crossbred, Welsh Mountain Pony gelding was presented with multiple, thick, round, raised, 3 to 8 mm diameter nodular lesions on the medial aspects of both ears that returned a diagnosis of auricular chondrosis. Expand
Tensions used on girths on thoroughbred racehorses.
There is no standard for application of a girth and saddle in the Thoroughbred racing industry and the range of tensions applied was large and strappers were unable to reliably apply the same tensions between horses. Expand
Influence of girth strap tensions on athletic performance of racehorses.
Based on this study, resting girth tensions less than 10 kg are optimal for performance, but from the authors' survey data, tensions exceeding this tension are typical for Thoroughbred racing in Victoria. Expand
Comparison of girth materials, girth tensions and their effects on performance in racehorses.
Lower girth tensions and the use of elastic materials in the girth would appear to optimise performance, however none of the commercially available girths studied would adequately protect against the potentially detrimental effects of overtightening on athletic performance. Expand
Plasmodium infection in a Leadbeater's possum (Gymnobelideus leadbeateri).
CASE REPORT A wild-caught, adult female Leadbeater's possum (Gymnobelideus leadbeateri) died while in captivity after suffering from chronic ill-thrift that progressed to acute respiratory distress.Expand
Metastatic mineralisation caused by vitamin D intoxication in hand-raised short-beaked echidnas (Tachyglossus aculeatus).
The vitamin D concentration in Wombaroo Echidna Milk Replacer has been reduced and no information exists regarding the naturally occurring vitamin D levels in echidna milk, but it is likely to be low. Expand
Prevalence and risk factors for medical events following exercise at Australian Greyhound race meetings
In this cohort, DF was common following strenuous exercise in Greyhounds and on its own does not appear to result in reduced performance or distress to the animal, but when logistic regression assessing the random effect of dog was performed, the presence of previous DF was not significant. Expand
Malakoplakia in the urinary bladder of a kitten.
An 8-week-old kitten was diagnosed with malakoplakia of the urinary bladder after a 3-week history of dysuria, and post-mortem examination revealed a markedly enlarged bladder with a diffusely nodular mucosal surface. Expand
Avian pox in crimson rosellas (Platycercus elegans) in southern Australia
It is concluded that this infection in crimson rosellas is caused by a previously unrecognized avian poxvirus endemic to this region of Australia, and with low virulence. Expand
Encephalitozoon hellem Infection in a Captive Juvenile Freshwater Crocodile (Crocodylus johnstoni).
This is the first report of E. hellem infection in any species of reptile, and it was found to be due to Encephalitozoon hellem. Expand