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World class? An investigation of globalisation, difference and international student mobility
This paper explores the motivations and meanings of international student mobility. Central to the discussion are the results of a large questionnaire survey and associated in-depth interviews withExpand
Quantifying International Migration: A Database of Bilateral Migrant Stocks
This paper introduces four versions of an international bilateral migration stock database for 226 by 226 countries and territories. The first three versions each consist of two matrices, the firstExpand
‘Mind the Gap!’ Integrating Approaches to Internal and International Migration
The interdisciplinary field of migration studies is split into internal and international migration, characterised by different literatures, concepts, methods and policy agendas. Most migrationExpand
International Migration as a Tool in Development Policy: A Passing Phase?
This essay examines the recent emergence of migration and development as a major area of policy concern. The focus up to now has been almost entirely upon international migration, which accounts forExpand
Migration and Development: A Global Perspective
1. Introduction: Myths and Movements 2. Theories and Approaches 3. Systems and Boundaries 4. The Old Core 5. The New Core 6. Core Extensions and Potential Cores 7. The Labour Frontier 8. The ResourceExpand
Interlinkages between internal and international migration and development in the Asian region
This paper examines the linkages between systems of internal migration and systems of international migration in the Asian region. In the context of changing global patterns of internationalExpand
Migration and poverty
The challenge to policy makers is to facilitate the types of movement that are most likely to lead to an alleviation of poverty while protecting migrants. (authors)
Migration from China
Tradition holds that the Chinese were a non-migratory people: Generally speaking, no Chinese will leave his home to seek his fortune at a distance unless he is in some way driven to do so ... NoExpand
Quantifying the international bilateral movements of migrants
The economics literature increasingly recognizes the importance of migration and its ties with many other aspects of development and policy. For example the role of international remittancesExpand
Population Mobility in Developing Countries