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Offensive alliances in graphs
A set S is an offensive alliance if for every vertex v in its boundary N(S)−S it holds that the majority of vertices in v's closed neighbourhood are in S. Expand
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Identifying vertices in graphs and digraphs
I declare that Identifying Vertices in Graphs and Digraphs is my own work and that all the sources that I have used or quoted have been indicated and acknowledged by means of complete references.Expand
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Skin Biopsy and Skin Cancer Treatment Utilization in the Medicare Population, 1993-2016.
BACKGROUND Skin biopsies are increasing at a rapid rate and some may be unnecessary. Although skin cancer incidence is rising, there is varied biopsy accuracy between dermatologists and AdvancedExpand
Independence and Domination Separation on Chessboard Graphs
A legal placement of Queens is any placement of Queens on an order N chessboard in which any two attacking Queens can be separated by a Pawn. The Queens independence separation number is the minimumExpand
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N-queens — 330 References How It All Began One Article to Hold Them All Searchable Online Database
This paper currently (February 4, 2011) contains 330 references (originally in BibTeX format) to articles dealing with or at least touching upon the well-known n-Queens problem. Expand