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Resistant Starch–A Review
The concept of resistant starch (RS) has evoked new interest in the bioavailability of starch and in its use as a source of dietary fiber, particularly in adults. RS is now considered to provideExpand
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Glucose oxidase--an overview.
Glucose oxidase (beta-D-glucose:oxygen 1-oxidoreductase; EC catalyzes the oxidation of beta-D-glucose to gluconic acid, by utilizing molecular oxygen as an electron acceptor withExpand
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Microbial Cellulose: Fermentative Production and Applications
Summary Bacterial cellulose, an exopolysaccharide produced by some bacteria, has unique structural and mechanical properties and is highly pure as compared to plant cellulose. This article presents aExpand
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Comparison of artificial neural network (ANN) and response surface methodology (RSM) in fermentation media optimization: Case study of fermentative production of scleroglucan
Abstract Response surface methodology (RSM) is the most preferred method for fermentation media optimization so far. In last two decades, artificial neural network-genetic algorithm (ANN-GA) has comeExpand
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Is there a common water-activity limit for the three domains of life?
Archaea and Bacteria constitute a majority of life systems on Earth but have long been considered inferior to Eukarya in terms of solute tolerance. Whereas the most halophilic prokaryotes are knownExpand
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Basmati rice: a review
India contributes about one-third of the world acreage under rice. Rice is available in over 5000 varieties, of which Basmati rice occupies a prime position on account of its extra long superfineExpand
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Process optimization for the synthesis of octenyl succinyl derivative of waxy corn and amaranth starches
Abstract Modification of starch by dicarboxylic acid anhydrides to starch esters, containing both hydrophilic and hydrophobic groups are known to improve its emulsification properties, and can alsoExpand
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Poly (glutamic acid)--an emerging biopolymer of commercial interest.
Poly (γ-glutamic acid) (PGA) is water-soluble, anionic, biodegradable, and edible biopolymer produced by Bacillus subtilis. It has multifarious potential applications in foods, pharmaceuticals,Expand
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The Carotenoid Pigment Zeaxanthin—A Review
ABSTRACT:  Scientific evidence linking several diseases with diet has brought to light the beneficial effects of a number of natural food ingredients. Zeaxanthin is one such natural pigmentExpand
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Handbook of indices of food quality and authenticity
Food quality and authenticity indicators Cereal grains Fruit and vegetables Dairy products Meat, fish and poultry Oils and fats Spices, flavourants and condiments Tea, coffee and cocoa QualityExpand
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