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Crack propagation in piezoelectric materials under combined mechanical and electrical loadings
A finite element technique is used to study the stress distributions at the crack tip of a piezoelectric ceramic because of the mechanical and/or electrical loads. The stress distributions at theExpand
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Crack propagation in piezoelectric ceramics: Effects of applied electric fields
Crack propagation in a piezoelectric lead–zirconium–titanate (PZT) material under simultaneous mechanical loading and applied electric fields is studied using the Vickers indentation technique. It isExpand
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A review of nucleation, growth and low temperature synthesis of diamond thin films
Abstract Diamond thin films have outstanding optical, electrical, mechanical and thermal properties, which make these attractive for applications in a variety of current and future systems. InExpand
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Thermal shock behaviour of ceramics and ceramic composites
AbstractTremendous efforts have been devoted to the studies of ceramic materials under transient thermal conditions over the past four decades. Such studies are becoming increasingly more importantExpand
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Sealing Technology for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC)
A variety of seals such as metal–metal, metal–ceramic, and ceramic–ceramic are required for a functioning solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC). These seals must function at high temperatures between 600 andExpand
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The generation of multiple matrix cracking and fiber-matrix interfacial debonding in a glass composite
Abstract The phenomena of multiple matrix cracking and fiber–matrix interfacial debonding are directly observed and analyzed in a transparent SiC fiber-reinforced borosilicate glass composite. UnderExpand
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Raman spectroscopy study of the influence of processing conditions on the structure of polycrystalline diamond films
Diamond films are prepared by microwave plasma-enhanced chemical-vapor deposition on Si (100) substrates using the H2–Ar–CH4 gases. Raman scattering data, including the peak position, intensity,Expand
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Kinetics Model for the Growth of Silicon Carbide by the Reaction of Liquid Silicon with Carbon
The kinetics and mechanism of reaction of glassy carbon with a pure silicon melt or a Si + Mo melt were investigated. The results showed that the growth of a continuous reaction-formed SiC layerExpand
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