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Development of suitable photobioreactor for algae production – A review
Microalgal species are recently in the spotlight for biofuels production like biodiesel, bioethanol and biohydrogen. Algae are also used as a biofertiliser, source of nutrient and for controlling
Equilibrium moisture content of biomass briquettes
  • R. Singh
  • Environmental Science
  • 1 March 2004
Abstract Equilibrium moisture content (EMC) of commercially available biomass briquettes at 40–85% relative humidity was compared with the EMC of cotton stalks and saw mill waste. No significance
Modeling cadmium accumulation in radish, carrot, spinach and cabbage
Heavy metals like cadmium and arsenic have serious health consequences and ecosystem impacts. Due to various factors including the disposal of municipal and industrial wastes, application of
Uncertainty analysis of transport of water and pesticide in an unsaturated layered soil profile using fuzzy set theory
Abstract Incomplete information is notoriously common in planning soil and groundwater remediation. For making decisions groundwater flow and transport models are commonly used. However, uncertainty
Modeling rhizofiltration: heavy-metal uptake by plant roots
The discovery of phytoaccumulation potential of plant species has led to its application for remediation of heavy-metal-contaminated soil and wastewater, which is termed as
Analytical techniques for the estimation of mine water inflow
SummaryThis paper outlines various analytical techniques for mine water inflow estimation incorporating several refinements such as finite boundary conditions, linear, fracture and turbulent flow
Status of available Co, Zn, Cu, Mn and Fe in some soils of plateau region of Jharkhand
Two hundred fifteen surface soil samples representing four major soil series of Iharkhand Plateau were studied for available Co, Zn. Cu, Mn and Fe status. In general, the availability of these
Use of graphene-supported manganite nano-composites for methanol electrooxidation
Abstract Binary nano-composites of palladium and a metal (Fe or Cu) manganite on graphene nanosheets (GNS) have been prepared by a microwave-assisted polyol reduction method and investigated as