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Men’s Extramarital Sex, Marital Relationships and Sexual Risk in Urban Poor Communities in India
The objectives of this paper are to (1) understand the nature of men’s extramarital sexuality in three low income communities in Mumbai, India; (2) explore the associations between maritalExpand
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Evaluating the influence of novel cyanobacterial biofilmed biofertilizers on soil fertility and plant nutrition in wheat
Abstract Microbial inoculants suffer from the major problem of poor survival in rhizospheric soil and their plant growth-promoting abilities are dependent upon their competence in this niche. AnExpand
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Modeling runoff and soil erosion in a catchment area, using the GIS, in the Himalayan region, India
Remote sensing data and GIS techniques have been used to compute runoff and soil erosion in the catchment area along the NH-1A between Udhampur and Kud covering an area of approximately 181 km2.Expand
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Sustainable rural telehealth innovation: a public health case study.
OBJECTIVE To examine adoption of telehealth in a rural public health district and to explain how the innovation became sustainable. STUDY SETTING Longitudinal, qualitative study (1988-2008) of theExpand
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Attribution of extreme rainfall from Hurricane Harvey, August 2017
During August 25-30, 2017, Hurricane Harvey stalled over Texas and caused extreme precipitation, particularly over Houston and the surrounding area on August 26-28. This resulted in extensiveExpand
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Treatment Seeking, Vaginal Discharge and Psychosocial Distress Among Women in Urban Mumbai
Vaginal discharge (safed pani in Hindi, meaning “white water”) is one of the leading symptoms for which women in India seek care. Treatment-seeking for safed pani is disproportionately high amongExpand
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Community Gender Norms Change as a Part of a Multilevel Approach to Sexual Health Among Married Women in Mumbai, India
AbstractInequitable gender norms in societies and communities negatively contribute to women’s sexual and reproductive health. While the need for change in gender norms is well recognized, the taskExpand
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Profile of Medico-legal Cases in Casualty of a Rural Medical College of Haryana
Apex court of our country has made saving life of patient in emergency supreme duty of doctor. However, medico-legal cases mandates exhaustive documentation mandatory after the treatment is over.Expand
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Advances in Designing and Developing Vaccines, Drugs, and Therapies to Counter Ebola Virus
Ebola virus (EBOV), a member of the family Filoviridae, is responsible for causing Ebola virus disease (EVD) (formerly named Ebola hemorrhagic fever). This is a severe, often fatal illness withExpand
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