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Morphology and Classification of Ultisols with Kandic Horizon in North Eastern Region
Four Ultisols from north-eastern region of India (Manipur and Meghalaya), for which no information is available have been classified according to Soil Taxonomy. The soils are acidic, of low base
Characterization of different road dusts in opencast coal mining areas of India
Observing the overall generation and characteristics of coal dust, it is suggested that coal dust from haul and transport roads of mining areas can be effectively collected and used as domestic fuel.
Validation of Two Air Quality Models for Indian Mining Conditions
All major mining activity particularly opencast mining contributes to the problem of suspended particulate matter (SPM)directly or indirectly. Therefore, assessment and prediction are required to
Geostatistical and fuzzy clustering approach for delineation of site-specific management zones and yield-limiting factors in irrigated hot arid environment of India
Delineation of management zones (MZs) are needed to manage fields in order to maximize economic return, minimize environmental impact, and improve soil and crop management. The MZs of uniform
Available Micronutrient Status in the Soils of Vindhyan Scarplands of Rajasthan in Relation to Soil Characteristics
Nine representative soil profiles from three distinct physiographic units of the Vindhyan scarpland areas were studied for the Cu, Zn, Fe and Mn status in relation to important soil factors and
Biochemistry of uneven ripening in gulabi grape
Physico-chemical changes, organic acids content and activities of enzymes related to softening, glycolytic, gluconeogenic and organic acids metabolism were studied from 70 to 100 days after anthesis