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Molecular genetic characterization of the Lr34/Yr18 slow rusting resistance gene region in wheat
Wheat expressed sequence tags (wESTs) were identified in a genomic interval predicted to span the Lr34/Yr18 slow rusting region on chromosome 7DS and that corresponded to genes located in theExpand
Detection of Virulence to Resistance Gene Sr24 Within Race TTKS of Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici.
The North American stem rust nomenclature system is proposed to be revised by the addition of four genes (Sr24, Sr31, Sr38, and SrMcN) as the fifth set and differentiates isolates within race TTKS into two separate races: TTKSK and TTKST, with avirulence and virulence on Sr24, respectively. Expand
Microsatellite markers for genes lr34/yr18 and other quantitative trait Loci for leaf rust and stripe rust resistance in bread wheat.
There is significant diversity for genes that have minor effects on stripe rust resistance, and that successful detection of these QTLs by molecular markers should be helpful both for characterizing wheat genotypes effectively and combining such resistance genes. Expand
Lr46: a gene conferring slow-rusting resistance to leaf rust in wheat.
Backcross-derived cytogenetic populations were developed by crossing 'Pavon 76' with a monosomic series of adult-plant leaf rust-susceptible cultivar Lal-bahadur, and one slow-rusting gene was located in chromosome 1B of 'PAvon 76', designated as Lr46. Expand
Global status of wheat leaf rust caused by Puccinia triticina
The importance of leaf rust in the main wheat production areas as reflected by yield losses, the complexity of virulence variation in pathogen populations, the role cultivars with race-specific resistance play in pathogenic evolution, and the control measures currently practiced in various regions of the world are summarized. Expand
Molecular marker mapping of leaf rust resistance gene lr46 and its association with stripe rust resistance gene yr29 in wheat.
This study established the precise genomic location of gene Lr46 at the distal end of the long arm of wheat chromosome 1B and identified a gene that is closely linked to Lr 46 and confers moderate levels of adult plant resistance to stripe rust. Expand
The adult plant rust resistance loci Lr34/Yr18 and Lr46/Yr29 are important determinants of partial resistance to powdery mildew in bread wheat line Saar
The aim of this study was to map QTLs for resistance to powdery mildew in a population of 113 recombinant inbred lines from a cross between Saar and the susceptible line Avocet, and confirmed the presence of Lr34/yr18 and Lr46/Yr29 in Saar. Expand
Molecular mapping of stripe rust resistance gene YrCH42 in Chinese wheat cultivar Chuanmai 42 and its allelism with Yr24 and Yr26
  • G. Q. Li, Z. Li, +6 authors X. Xia
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Theoretical and Applied Genetics
  • 9 March 2006
Results indicated that the stripe rust resistance in Chuanmai 42 was conferred by a single dominant gene, temporarily designated YrCH42, located close to the centromere of chromosome 1B and flanked by nine SSR markers. Expand
Leaf tip necrosis, molecular markers and β1-proteasome subunits associated with the slow rusting resistance genes Lr46/Yr29
It is shown that leaf tip necrosis (LTN) is also pleiotropic or closely linked to the Lr46/Yr29 locus and suggested that a new Ltn gene designation should be given to this locus, in addition to the one that already exists for Lr34/yr18. Expand
Characterization of genetic loci conferring adult plant resistance to leaf rust and stripe rust in spring wheat.
Characterization of slow-rusting genes for leaf and stripe rust in improved wheat germplasm would enable wheat breeders to combine these additional loci with known slow-Rusting loci to generate wheat cultivars with higher levels of slow -rusting resistance. Expand