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Effect of rice (Oryza sativa)-establishment methods, tillage practices in wheat (Triticum aestivum) and fertilization on soil physical properties and rice-wheat system productivity on a silty day
A field experiment was conducted to study the effect of crop-establishment methods of rice and wheat and fertilizer rates on productivity of rice wheat cropping system and Rice and wheat responded to 50% increased fertilizer rate over the recommended dose. Expand
Increasing the efficacy of Trichoderma harzianum for nutrient uptake and control of red rot in sugarcane
The application of Trichoderma multiplied culture (TMC) of T. harzianum strain Th 37 @ 20 kg/ha on the stubbles at the ratoon initiation stage increased the availability of nitrogen, phosphorus, phosphorus and potassium and resulted in significant growth promotion through improvement inRatoon initiation, number of tillers, cane height, and number of internode. Expand
Weed Management in Zero-till Sown Wheat
Higher weed density and population of Phalaris minor were recorded in conventional tillage than zero tillage. Pre-sowing paraquat application had marked effect on weed growth in zero tillage. MaximumExpand
Ascorbic Acid, β-Carotene and Antioxidant Activity of Broccoli During Short-Term Refrigerated Storage
Abstract Broccoli ( Brassica oleracea var. italica ) has been described as a vegetable with a high nutritional value due to its important content of vitamins, antioxidants, anti-carcinogenicExpand
Temporal variation in mineral nitrogen in soil as influenced by incorporation of legume or cereal residues under submergence or well drained conditions
A laboratory study was conducted at the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi on a sandy clay loam soil of pH 7.9 and organic C content of 0.34% to study the effect of incorporatingExpand
The development of topical anesthetics can serve as a better alternative to infiltration anaesthesia for short dermatosurgical procedures. EMLA cream (eutectic mixture of local anesthetics), aExpand
Insights into corium coolability phenomena-top flooding vs. bottom flooding
During a postulated severe accident in a nuclear reactor, the core can melt and form a melt pool in the vessel. In the absence of adequate cooling strategies, the melt can fail the vessel and theExpand
Improvements in fresh weight losses and vase life as cut flowers during storage period through chemicals in cut gladiolus cultivars.
An experiment was conducted to evaluate the effect of various chemicals on fresh weight and change of pH of solvent. Vase solution sulphosalicylic acid + sources maintain higher fresh weight up to 18Expand