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Single-RNA counting reveals alternative modes of gene expression in yeast
Combining single-transcript measurements with computational modeling indicates that low expression variation is achieved by transcribing genes using single transcription-initiation events that are clearly separated in time, rather than by transcriptional bursts.
A general method to improve fluorophores for live-cell and single-molecule microscopy
Inspired by molecular modeling, the N,N-dimethylamino substituents in tetramethylrhodamine are replaced with four-membered azetidine rings, which doubles the quantum efficiency and improves the photon yield of the dye in applications ranging from in vitro single-molecule measurements to super-resolution imaging.
Visualization of single RNA transcripts in situ.
This approach extends the power of FISH to yield quantitative molecular information on a single cell by positioning probes along the transcription unit to determine the rates of transcription initiation and termination and messenger RNA processing.
In vivo dynamics of RNA polymerase II transcription
The systems approach, quantifying both polymerase and mRNA kinetics on a defined DNA template in vivo with high temporal resolution, opens new avenues for studying regulation of transcriptional processes in vivo.
Spatial regulation of β-actin translation by Src-dependent phosphorylation of ZBP1
It is shown that chicken ZBP1 modulates the translation of β-actin mRNA, which is important for cell migration and neurite outgrowth.
Characterization of a beta-actin mRNA zipcode-binding protein
Data suggest that the 68-kDa ZBP-1 the authors have isolated and cloned is an RNA-binding protein that functions within a complex to localize beta-actin mRNA.