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Ecology of Soil Seed Banks
Examines factors influencing seed-bank dynamics and the variety of patterns found among different species. Topics include: the relationship of seed banks to vegetation dynamics; processes thatExpand
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Two episodes of monazite crystallization during metamorphism and crustal melting in the Everest region of the Nepalese Himalaya
New monazite U-Pb geochronological data from the Everest region suggest that ∼20–25 m.y. elapsed between the initial India-Asia collision and kyanite-sillimanite–grade metamorphism. Our resultsExpand
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The Ecology of Freshwater Tidal Wetlands
ties of less than one percent, but insufficient flow to dampen upstream tidal movement. Odum et al. (1979) conservatively estimate that there are 500,0001,000,000 ha of freshwater tidal wetlandsExpand
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A mechanism for the accumulation and retention of heavy metals in tidal freshwater marshes of the upper Delaware River estuary
A mechanism for the accumulation and retention of heavy metals in tidal freshwater marshes is proposed. Although metals are incorporated into tidal freshwater marsh substrates through the year byExpand
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Depletion during spring germination (turnover), longevity, and successional relationships were studied at High Marsh (HM), Cattail (CT), and Shrub Forest (SF) sites in a freshwater tidal wetland overExpand
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The MEDIATOR: Analysis of an Early Case-Based Problem Solver
The MEDIATOR was one of the earliest case-based, problem-solving programs, and its domain is dispute resolution. Expand
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A Process Model of Cased-Based Reasoning in Problem Solving
Much of the problem solving done by both novices and experts uses "case-based" reasoning, or reasoning by analogy to previous similar cases. Expand
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The role of Delaware River freshwater tidal wetlands in the retention of nutrients and heavy metals
Tidal cycle budgets for June, July, August, September, and November 1979 showed that inorganic N was imported to the wetland from the Delaware River early in the growing season and exported late inExpand
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