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Sisters in Crime
Women and Crime
Hidden in Plain Sight: Human Trafficking in the United States
In examining human trafficking in 25 nations throughout the world we discovered that each country has its own environmental factors that create a unique set of anti-trafficking issues and obstacles.Expand
The Insanity Defense the World Over
Chapter 1 Introduction: A Comparative Analysis of the Defense of Insanity Chapter 2 North America (Canada, United States) Chapter 3 Central and South America (Argentina, Brazil) Chapter 4 WesternExpand
A Comparative Assessment of Public Opinion toward Immigrants and Immigration Policies
This article is part of a larger study of public attitudes toward immigration in seven countries that historically and currently have had different policies and practices vis-a-vis immigration. TheExpand
Public Attitudes About Property Distribution at Death and Intestate Succession Laws in the United States
Intestate succession statutes should reflect the distributive preferences of intestate decedents. To date, these distributive preferences could only be inferred from distributive patterns found inExpand
The Ambivalent Welcome: Print Media, Public Opinion and Immigration.
Introduction How the Print Media Have Covered Immigration A Statistical Overview of from Where and When Immigrants Came, Major Immigration Legislation, and Public Opinion Data Who Came When and fromExpand