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Checklist of helminths from lizards and amphisbaenians (Reptilia, Squamata) of South America
A comprehensive and up to date summary of the literature on the helminth parasites of lizards and amphisbaenians from South America is herein presented. One-hundred eighteen lizard species from
Parasitic infection of the appendix as a cause of acute appendicitis
The results of the present study indicate that E. vermicularis is the commonest worm found in the appendix and that its presence can cause pathologic changes ranging from lymphoid hyperplasia to acute phlegmonous inflammation with life-threatening complications like gangrene and peritonitis.
Occurrence of Contracaecum pelagicum Johnston & Mawson 1942 (Nematoda, Anisakidae) in Sula leucogaster Boddaert 1783 (Pelecaniformes, Sulidae)
Pela analise morfologica conclui-se that C. pelagicum era a especie envolvida no parasitismo, y o primeiro relato sobre a ocorrencia de nematodeos do genero Contracaecum em S. leucogaster.
Helminths of toad Rhinella icterica (Bufonidae), from the municipality of Botucatu, São Paulo State, Brazil.
UNESP - Univ de Estadual Paulista, Campus de Botucatu, Instituto de Biociencias, Departamento de Parasitologia, Botucatu, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Morphological, morphometric, and molecular characterization of Hepatozoon spp. (Apicomplexa, Hepatozoidae) from naturally infected Caudisona durissa terrifica (Serpentes, Viperidae)
Hepatozoon spp. are the most frequent intracellular protozoa in snakes. Considering the variety of parasites infecting specimens of Caudisona durissa terrifica and the divergent data in literature
Helminth Fauna of Two Species of Physalaemus (Anura: Leiuperidae) from an Undisturbed Fragment of the Atlantic Rainforest, Southeastern Brazil
The present results demonstrate relatively low species richness and the dominance of generalist parasite species in a old-growth environment of the Atlantic Rainforest in southeastern Brazil.
Evaluation of helminths associated with 14 amphibian species from a Neotropical island near the southeast coast of Brazil
This work aims to demonstrate the efforts toward in-situ applicability of EMMARM, as well as the efforts towards global applicability, that are currently being made towards this goal.
New records of endoparasites infecting Hypsiboas albopunctatus (Anura: Hylidae) in a savanna area in Brasília, Brazil
Four new records of nematodes in H. albopunctatus are presented, the first report of a rhabdiasid nematode in the Hylidae in Brazil, and the behavior and food habits of amphibians are responsible for the differences in their helminthofauna.
Metazoan parasite of lambari Astyanax altiparanae, collected from the Peixe river, São Paulo, southeast of Brazil
The parasite community of Astyanax altiparanae from the Peixe river was characterized as having high richness and low uniformity.