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Porphyry Copper Systems
Porphyry Cu systems host some of the most widely distributed mineralization types at convergent plate boundaries, including porphyry deposits centered on intrusions; skarn, carbonate-replacement, andExpand
Iron oxide-copper-gold deposits: an Andean view
Iron oxide-copper-gold (IOCG) deposits, defined primarily by their elevated magnetite and/or hematite contents, constitute a broad, ill-defined clan related to a variety of tectono-magmatic settings.Expand
Ore-related breccias in volcanoplutonic arcs
An overview of breccias related to a variety of base metal, precious metal, and lithophile element deposits in volcanoplutonic arcs permits definition of six possible mechanisms for subsurfaceExpand
Intrusion-related gold deposits associated with tungsten-tin provinces
Abstract An under-recognized and economically important class of intrusion-related gold deposits, which occur within magmatic provinces best known for tungsten and/or tin mineralization, is describedExpand
Characteristics and controls of the largest porphyry copper‐gold and epithermal gold deposits in the circum‐Pacific region
Eleven gold‐rich porphyry copper and 14 epithermal gold deposits around the Pacific rim contain > 200 t (‐7 million oz) of gold. These large porphyry‐type deposits conform to a single overall model,Expand
Age of supergene oxidation and enrichment in the Chilean porphyry copper province
Twenty-five samples of supergene alunite collected from deeply developed supergene profiles in porphyry copper deposits and prospects between latitudes 20 degrees and 27 degrees S in northern ChileExpand
The tops and bottoms of porphyry copper deposits
Although it is now widely accepted that porphyry copper deposits consist of zonally arranged shells of alteration and mineralization centered on high-level, calc-alkaline stocks, the nature of theirExpand