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Reproducible research and GIScience: an evaluation using AGILE conference papers
To support researchers in producing reproducible work, the GIScience conference series could offer awards and paper badges, provide author guidelines for computational research, and publish articles in Open Access formats. Expand
Passive WiFi monitoring of the rhythm of the campus
Within this research-driven project, passive WiFi monitoring of WiFi enabled devices was used to detect users (students, employees, visitors) of buildings at the campus of Delft University ofExpand
Reproducible Research is like riding a bike
The approach taken to put Reproducible Research in the agenda of the GIScience community is outlined, first actions and initial lessons learned towards the discussion and adoption of RR principles and practices in the workflows and habits of researchers are presented and a short-term strategy is presented. Expand
Computational Design for Sport Buildings
The paper presents the concept of Multi-objective Multidisciplinary design optimization techniques to support trade-off decisions between multiple conflicting design objectives and interdisciplinary design methodology, during the conceptual design of sport buildings. Expand
AGILE Reproducible Paper Guidelines
Modelling Spatial Patterns of Outdoor Physical Activities Using Mobile Sports Tracking Application Data
A workflow for collecting, structuring and processing geo-referenced recreational mobility data from a sports tracking application as to monitor recreational usage of urban spaces can provide spatial and objective insight useful in planning, management and governance of cities in promoting active mobility. Expand
Automated generation of versatile data model for analyzing urban architectural void
This paper aims to suggest a versatile data model that would allow to separate, interpret, analyze and visualize the urban architectural void using a standardized automated procedure that relies on Gestalt theories for space compartmentalization. Expand
Reproducible Publications at AGILE Conferences
A Geodesign Decision Support Environment for Integrating Management of Resource Flows in Spatial Planning
An open source tool based on the geodesign approach, which links the co-creation of design proposals together with stakeholders, impact simulations informed by geographic contexts, systems thinking, and digital technology is described—the Geodesign Decision Support Environment. Expand
Analysis of Urban Space Networks for Recreational Purposes based on Mobile Sports Tracking Application Data
Even though studies of the built environment’s impact on citizens’ physical activity have become an aspiring topic in the recent years, up to now the most investigated topic is transport-relatedExpand