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BRISK: Binary Robust invariant scalable keypoints
Effective and efficient generation of keypoints from an image is a well-studied problem in the literature and forms the basis of numerous Computer Vision applications. Established leaders in theExpand
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Introduction to Autonomous Mobile Robots
Mobile robots range from the Mars Pathfinder mission's teleoperated Sojourner to the cleaning robots in the Paris Metro. This text offers students and other interested readers an introduction to theExpand
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Keyframe-based visual–inertial odometry using nonlinear optimization
Combining visual and inertial measurements has become popular in mobile robotics, since the two sensing modalities offer complementary characteristics that make them the ideal choice for accurateExpand
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The EuRoC micro aerial vehicle datasets
This paper presents visual-inertial datasets collected on-board a micro aerial vehicle. The datasets contain synchronized stereo images, IMU measurements and accurate ground truth. The first batch ofExpand
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PID vs LQ control techniques applied to an indoor micro quadrotor
The development of miniature flying robots has become a reachable dream, thanks to the new sensing and actuating technologies. Micro VTOL systems represent a useful class of flying robots because ofExpand
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A Toolbox for Easily Calibrating Omnidirectional Cameras
In this paper, we present a novel technique for calibrating central omnidirectional cameras. The proposed procedure is very fast and completely automatic, as the user is only asked to collect a fewExpand
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Backstepping and Sliding-mode Techniques Applied to an Indoor Micro Quadrotor
The latest technological progress in sensors, actuators and energy storage devices enables the developments of miniature VTOL systems. In this paper we present the results of two nonlinear controlExpand
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Robust visual inertial odometry using a direct EKF-based approach
In this paper, we present a monocular visual-inertial odometry algorithm which, by directly using pixel intensity errors of image patches, achieves accurate tracking performance while exhibiting aExpand
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Design and control of an indoor micro quadrotor
Progresses in sensor technology, data processing and integrated actuators has made the development of miniature flying robots fully possible. Micro VTOL systems represent a useful class of flyingExpand
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A novel parametrization of the perspective-three-point problem for a direct computation of absolute camera position and orientation
The Perspective-Three-Point (P3P) problem aims at determining the position and orientation of the camera in the world reference frame from three 2D-3D point correspondences. This problem is known toExpand
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