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Gram-negative periodontal bacteria induce the activation of Toll-like receptors 2 and 4, and cytokine production in human periodontal ligament cells.
Patterns of gene expression and cytokine production indicate that Gram-negative periodontal bacteria or their LPS might play a role in triggering TLR2 and/or TLR4, and be of importance for the immune responses in periodontitis. Expand
Comparison of microRNA profiles of human periodontal diseased and healthy gingival tissues
A remarkable difference in miRNA profiles betweenperiodontal diseased and healthy gingiva implicates a probable close relationship between miRNAs and periodontal inflammation. Expand
MicroRNA-146 inhibits pro-inflammatory cytokine secretion through IL-1 receptor-associated kinase 1 in human gingival fibroblasts
The data suggest that miRNA-146 inhibits pro-inflammatory cytokine secretion through IRAK1 in HGFs, which indicates that mi RNA-146 functions as a negative regulator of periodontal inflammation. Expand
Initial comparison of proteomic profiles of whole unstimulated saliva obtained from generalized aggressive periodontitis patients and healthy control subjects.
Comparing the proteomic profile of whole unstimulated saliva of subjects with generalized aggressive periodontitis with that of healthy volunteers revealed at least 11 differential proteins, which might be helpful to aid understanding of the etiology of GAgP. Expand
Adjunctive effect of photodynamic therapy to scaling and root planing in the treatment of chronic periodontitis.
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to evaluate the clinical effects of photodynamic therapy (PDT) for scaling and root planing (SRP) in the treatment of chronic periodontitis. BACKGROUND DATAExpand
Toll-like receptor 4 signaling plays a role in triggering periodontal infection.
The pattern of gene expression indicates that pathogens may trigger TLR4 signaling and cause periodontitis, and it is shown that the upregulation of IL-6 by lipopolysaccharide treatment wasTLR4-dependent. Expand
Different effects of 25-kDa amelogenin on the proliferation, attachment and migration of various periodontal cells.
Investigation of the potential effect of a 25-kDa recombinant porcine amelogenin (rPAm) on primarily cultured periodontal ligament fibroblasts, gingival fibro Blasts and GEC found that rPAm significantly promoted the proliferation and migration of PDLF, but not their adhesion, while migration was greatly inhibited. Expand
Epidemiology and preventive direction of periodontology in China.
The data of this study suggest that age, smoking, and limited education are significantly associated with Chinese adult periodontal attachment loss and preventiveperiodontal care and education should be reinforced in the future by establishing relevant oral health projects. Expand
Genistein regulates the IL-1 beta induced activation of MAPKs in human periodontal ligament cells through G protein-coupled receptor 30.
  • L. Luo, F. Liu, +4 authors R. Shu
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Archives of biochemistry and biophysics
  • 1 June 2012
GPR30 represents a novel target regulated by steroid hormones in PDL cells and its regulation by IL-1β, and genistein plays a role in the regulation of MAPK activation via GPR30. Expand
The expression of NLRP3, NLRP1 and AIM2 in the gingival tissue of periodontitis patients: RT-PCR study and immunohistochemistry.
The NLRP3, NLRP1 and AIM2 proteins were differentially expressed in gingival tissues from patients with CP and G-AgP and may play vital roles in the progression of periodontal inflammation to different degrees. Expand