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A saturated absorption spectroscopy measurement of the Rydberg constant
A tuneable dye laser saturated absorption measurement of three of the fine-structure components of the Balmer alpha line of atomic hydrogen in a gas discharge yields a value of 10, 973, 731.513(85)Expand
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Atomic vibrations in orientationally disordered systems. II. Hexagonal ice
For pt. I see ibid. vol. 5, 1017 (1972). The atomic vibrational properties of H2O and D2O ice Ih are investigated, the disorder of atomic structure being taken fully into account. The approachExpand
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An experimental determination of the Rydberg constant
The wavelengths of components of the Balmer- alpha line in dueterium and tritium have been determined in terms of the 86Kr 606 nm primary standard to establish a value for the Rydberg constant.Expand
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Atomic vibrations in orientationally disordered systems. I. A two dimensional model
The atomic vibrational properties of a two dimensional model exhibiting orientational disorder, similar to that in hexagonal ice I, are studied by numerical methods. At low frequencies the modes areExpand
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Atomic vibrations in hexagonal Ice I
This paper is a report of the results of a theoretical study of atomic vibrations in hexagonal ice I, full account being taken of the disordered nature of the structure. Computed frequency spectraExpand
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Replacement Partition Function for Small Crystals in Homogeneous Nucleation Theory
The replacement partition function was calculated for small fcc crystals by numerical normal mode analysis using exactly the same model, which considers nearest‐neighbor interactions only andExpand
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