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The Stability and Control of Motorcycles
Mathematical models of a motorcycle and rider dependent on three alternative assumptions concerning the tyre behaviour are developed. Stability characteristics deduced from them are compared, and m...
Advances in the Modelling of Motorcycle Dynamics
Starting from an existing advanced motorcycle dynamics model, which allows simulation of reasonably general motions and stability, modal and response computations for small perturbations from anyExpand
Steering of a car to follow a prescribed path with minimal error is represented as a problem in optimal linear discrete time preview control. A standard yaw/sideslip linear car model is put intoExpand
Shear Force Development by Pneumatic Tyres in Steady State Conditions: A Review of Modelling Aspects
SUMMARY Modelling of the generation of shear forces by pneumatic tyres under steady state conditions is reviewed. The review is placed in a practical context, through reference to the uses to whichExpand
Bicycles, motorcycles, and models
The development of bicycles and motorcycles since the first patented running machine, or draisine, in 1817 is described. Bicycle modeling and control were also discussed. These models include:Expand
On the Stability and Control of the Bicycle
After some brief history, a mathematical model of a bicycle that has become a benchmark is described. The symbolic equations of motion of the bicycle are given in two forms and the equations areExpand
A Mathematical Model for Driver Steering Control, with Design, Tuning and Performance Results
A mathematical model for the steering control of an automobile is described. The structure of the model derives from linear optimal discrete time preview control theory but it is non-linear. ItsExpand
Road Vehicle Suspension System Design - a review
SUMMARY Based mainly on English language literature, information relating to the design of automobile suspension systems for ride comfort and control of wheel load variations for frequencies belowExpand
Vehicle dynamics applications of optimal control theory
The aim of the paper is to survey the various forms of optimal-control theory which have been applied to automotive problems and to present illustrative examples of applications studies, withExpand
Stability, Control and Steering Responses of Motorcycles
Following on from the author’s reviews of the stability and control of motorcycles in 1978 and 1985, the paper treats the earlier material in tutorial fashion and adds more recent information. FixedExpand