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Post-irrigation impact of domestic sewage effluent on composition of soils, crops and ground water--a case study.
Long-term irrigation with sewage water adds large amounts of carbon, major and micro- nutrients to the soil. We compared the spatial distribution of N, P, K and other micronutrients and toxicExpand
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Dissipation Kinetics of Flubendiamide on Chili and Soil
Average initial deposits of flubendiamide on chili were found to be 1.06 and 2.00 mg kg−1, respectively, following two applications of flubendiamide 480SC at 60 and 120 g a.i. ha−1 at 10 daysExpand
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Changes in biochemical constituents of paddy straw during degradation by white rot fungi and its impact on in vitro digestibility
Aims:  To improve the digestibility of paddy straw to be used as animal feed by means of selective delignification using white rot fungi.
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Production of lignocellulolytic enzymes and enhancement of in vitro digestibility during solid state fermentation of wheat straw by Phlebia floridensis.
Degradation by white rot fungi has the potential to increase digestibility of wheat straw and thus improve its value as animal feed. To optimize conditions for production of lignocellulolytic enzymesExpand
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Persistence of New Insecticides and Their Efficacy Against Insect Pests of Okra
Persistence and efficacy of bifenthrin (25 and 50 g ai ha−1), fipronil (50 and 100 g ai ha−1) and indoxacarb (70 and 140 g ai ha−1) has been studied in okra fruits. The initial deposits varied fromExpand
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The study was carried out to find out the differences in the chemical composition of wheat straw obtained from three different regions of India, to compare their susceptibility to fungal degradation,Expand
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Development and storage stability of papaya ( Carica papaya L) toffee and leather
Various treatments were optimized for the preparation of toffee and bar/leather from papaya fruit. Out of various treatments papaya toffee prepared in combination with apricot (50:50) and papayaExpand
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Effect of different supplements on bioprocessing of wheat straw by Phlebia brevispora: changes in its chemical composition, in vitro digestibility and nutritional properties.
Bioprocessing of wheat straw was carried out by Phlebia brevispora under solid state conditions. Effect of different supplements on lignocellulolytic enzymes production, degradation of straw cellExpand
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Dissipation of cypermethrin, chlorpyriphos, and profenofos in tomato fruits and soil following application of pre-mix formulations
Persistence of cypermethrin, chlorpyriphos, and profenofos in tomato and soil were studied following application of two pre-mix formulations of insecticides viz. Roket 44EC (profenofos 40% +Expand
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Long-term effect of pressmud and nitrogenous fertilizers on sugarcane and sugar yield on a Typic Chromustert
In field experiments on Typic Chromustert, continuous application of pressmud and nitrogenous fertilizer increased significantly sugarcane crop and sugar yield and also increased available soilExpand
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