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Mammalian basal metabolic rate is proportional to body mass2/3
The relationship between mammalian basal metabolic rate (BMR, ml of O2 per h) and body mass (M, g) has been the subject of regular investigation for over a century. Typically, the relationship isExpand
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The scaling and temperature dependence of vertebrate metabolism
Body size and temperature are primary determinants of metabolic rate, and the standard metabolic rate (SMR) of animals ranging in size from unicells to mammals has been thought to be proportional toExpand
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Allometric scaling of mammalian metabolism
SUMMARY The importance of size as a determinant of metabolic rate (MR) was first suggested by Sarrus and Rameaux over 160 years ago. Max Rubner's finding of a proportionality between MR and bodyExpand
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The Principle of Laplace and Scaling of Ventricular Wall Stress and Blood Pressure in Mammals and Birds
Maximum left ventricular wall stress is calculated at end‐diastolic volume and systemic arterial diastolic blood pressure, according to a thick‐walled model for the principle of Laplace. Stress isExpand
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Phylogenetically Informed Analysis of the Allometry of Mammalian Basal Metabolic Rate Supports Neither Geometric Nor Quarter-Power Scaling
The form of the relationship between the basal metabolic rate (BMR) and body mass (M) of mammals has been at issue for almost seven decades, with debate focusing on the value of the scaling exponentExpand
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Scaling of cardiovascular physiology in snakes
Synopsis. The elongate body form of snakes and the wide diversity of habitats into which they have radiated have affected the form and function of the cardiovascular system. Heart position isExpand
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Respiration of the eggs of the giant cuttlefish Sepia apama
Abstract On the roofs of subtidal crevices, the giant cuttlefish (Sepia apama) of southern Australia lays clutches of lemon-shaped eggs which hatch after 3 to 5 mo. Diffusion of oxygen through theExpand
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The Regulation Index: A New Method for Assessing the Relationship between Oxygen Consumption and Environmental Oxygen
Critical oxygen pressure (PC) is used in respiratory physiology to measure the response to hypoxia. PC defines the partial pressure of oxygen (Po2) at which an oxygen regulator switches to aExpand
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Does Basal Metabolic Rate Contain a Useful Signal? Mammalian BMR Allometry and Correlations with a Selection of Physiological, Ecological, and Life‐History Variables
Basal metabolic rate (BMR, mL O2 h−1) is a useful measurement only if standard conditions are realised. We present an analysis of the relationship between mammalian body mass (M, g) and BMR thatExpand
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Dinosaur eggs: gas conductance through the shell, water loss during incubation and clutch size
The conductance of water vapor and respiratory gases by diffusion through the eggshells of Upper Cretaceous dinosaurs has been estimated from measurements of shell and pore geometry in fossilExpand
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