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Influence of rainfall on the discharge, nutrient concentrations and loads of a stream of the "Pampa Ondulada" (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
The basin area of the Durazno Stream covers approx. 360 km 2 of a plain with a gentle slope, mainly devoted to cattle farming and agriculture. This study examines the variability of chemicalExpand
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Assessing the effects of climate change on the hydrological regime of the Limay River basin
The electricity generation capacity in the Limay River basin is approximately 26% of the total electrical power generation in Argentina. Assessing the potential effects of climate change on theExpand
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Measured Copper Toxicity to Cnesterodon decemmaculatus (Pisces: Poeciliidae) and Predicted by Biotic Ligand Model in Pilcomayo River Water: A Step for a Cross-Fish-Species Extrapolation
In order to determine copper toxicity (LC50) to a local species (Cnesterodon decemmaculatus) in the South American Pilcomayo River water and evaluate a cross-fish-species extrapolation of BioticExpand
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A methodological approach to water quality assessment in an ungauged basin, Buenos Aires, Argentina
The Reconquista River is one of the most polluted rivers in Latin America. This paper aims at identifying the dynamics of water quality in an area with low or “background” concentrations ofExpand
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A Derived Flood Frequency Distribution for Ungaged Catchments
Flood frequency distribution for ungaged catchments are described in the article. The various parameters that effect the flood frequency distribution are describes. Influence of the climateExpand
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Análisis multifractal de la serie temporal de caudales diarios en el río Neuquén
En el presente estudio se aplica el Analisis Multifractal (AM) para analizar la variabilidad del patron de comportamiento del caudal medio diario en el rio Neuquen, registrado en la estacion Paso deExpand
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Identification and functional characterization of two novel activating thyrotropin receptor mutants in toxic thyroid follicular adenomas.
BACKGROUND Two previously unreported thyrotropin (TSH) receptor mutations, A623F and I635V, were identified in toxic follicular thyroid adenoma specimens from two patients with hyperthyroidism. OurExpand
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In vivo study of the tissue distribution and immunosuppressive response of cyclosporin a-loaded polyester micro- and nanospheres
AbstractIn an attempt to elucidate the biopharmaceutical and clinical interest of new formulations of cyclosporin A (CyA) based on poly(d,l-lactide-co-glycolide) (PLGA) micro- and nanospheres,Expand
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Physicochemical variables and plankton from the Lower Delta of the Paraná River (Argentina) in relation to flow
This study evaluates temporal variations of physicochemical variables and densities of phytoplankton and zooplankton, under different flow conditions. Four samplings were carried out at four sites onExpand
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