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Fracture mechanics analysis of fatigue of rubber ― a review
When making dynamic fatigue tests on rubbers, fracture mechanics based methods are often used. Here test specimens are provided with cracks (sharp notches) and the growth of these cracks is measuredExpand
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The Executive Protection: Freezing the Financial Assets of Alleged Terrorists, the Constitution, and Foreign Participation in U.S. Financial Markets
INTRODUCTION Certain aspects of the Executive Branch of the United States of America's ability to freeze the assets of foreigners have been established through International Treaties and U.S. lawsExpand
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Thin wall molding of engineering plastics : A literature survey
Thin wall injection molding has been described as molding of parts having a maximum wall thickness of 1 mm and a minimum flow length-to-thickness ratio of 100:1. Thin wall molding of engineeringExpand
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The effect of water immersion on fatigue crack growth of two engineering rubbers
Fatigue properties of two engineering rubbers have been measured in air and water. The fatigue crack growth rate, dc/dN, where c is the crack length and N the number of cycles, was measured as aExpand
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Corrected transposition of the great arteries simulating coronary heart disease in adults.
Two middle-aged adults with corrected transposition of the great arteries presented with chest pain and dyspnea, initially attributed to coronary arterial disease with left ventricular dysfunctionExpand
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Effect of processing on weld line strength in five thermoplastics
Weld line strength has been measured in five engineering thermoplastics. The effect of processing parameters was studied using experimental design. Four parameters-holding pressure, injectionExpand
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Gene transfer in rabbits and pigs.
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From formalism to poststructuralism
Introduction Raman Selden 1. Russian formalism Peter Steiner Part I. Structuralism: Its Rise, Influence and Aftermath: 2. Structuralism of the Prague School Lubomir Dolezel 3. The linguistic modelExpand
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