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Development of DNA markers for hybrid identification in Leucadendron (proteaceae)
Abstract A rapid and reliable method to accurately identify hybrids at an early age is essential to the success of Leucadendron breeding programs because identification based on morphology can beExpand
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Karyotypes in Leucadendron (Proteaceae): evidence of the primitiveness of the genus
Karyotypes of 27 species in Leucadendron are analysed for the first time. New chromosome counts are reported for 15 species, with 2 n = 26 occurring in all of them. Karyotype analysis indicated thatExpand
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Improving cold tolerance and insect resistance in chickpea and the use of AFLPs for the identification of molecular markers for these traits
Selection for shorter time to flowering and maturity has been highly successful in chickpea in environments where terminal drought is likely, such as southern Australia. However, like many tropicalExpand
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Interspecific hybridization in the genus Leucadendron through embryo rescue
Abstract Interspecific hybridization of Leucadendron was attempted by using species from different sections and subsections to assess the crossability between these species. An embryo rescue protocolExpand
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Interspecific hybridisation of Leucadendron
More than 500 different interspecific cross combinations from 140 genotypes of 27 Leucadendron species were hand pollinated in 1998-2000 flowering seasons aiming at producing new cultivars suitableExpand
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New Hybrid Leucadendrons
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