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Analytic Combinatorics
This text can be used as the basis for an advanced undergraduate or a graduate course on the subject, or for self-study, and is certain to become the definitive reference on the topic.
An introduction to the analysis of algorithms
This chapter discusses methods for Solving Recurrences of Trees, Representations of Trees and Binary Trees, and Analyzing Properties of Permutations with CGFs.
Algorithms in C
Algorithms in C is a comprehensive repository of algorithms, complete with code, with extensive treatment of searching and advanced data structures, sorting, string processing, computational geometry, graph problems, and mathematical algorithms.
Fast algorithms for sorting and searching strings
This work presents theoretical algorithms for sorting and searching multikey data, and derive from them practical C implementations for applications in which keys are character strings, and presents extensions to more complex string problems, such as partial-match searching.
A dichromatic framework for balanced trees
  • L. Guibas, R. Sedgewick
  • Computer Science
    19th Annual Symposium on Foundations of Computer…
  • 16 October 1978
This paper shows how to imbed in this framework the best known balanced tree techniques and then use the framework to develop new algorithms which perform the update and rebalancing in one pass, on the way down towards a leaf.
Digital Search Trees Revisited
The method leads to the solution of a problem left open by Knuth, finding the average number of nodes in digital search trees with both sons null.
Implementing Quicksort programs
A detailed implementation combining the most effective improvements to Quicksort is given, along with a discussion of how to implement it in assembly language, including how to apply various code optimization techniques.
A system for algorithm animation
The conceptual framework that is developed for animating algorithms is outlined, the system that is implemented is described, and several examples drawn from the host of algorithms that are animated.