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Current Status of an ISO Working Document on Reference Radiations: Characteristics and Methods of Production of Simulated Practical Neutron Fields
The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) TC85/SC2/WG2 has convened a working group to develop a standard dealing with the production, characterisation and use of reference neutronExpand
Neutron Dose Equivalent Conversion Coefficients Have Changed in the Last Forty Years...Haven't They?
Conversion coefficients relating neutron fluence to dose equivalent were first made available forty years ago, and subsequently many versions of the coefficients have been published in the scientificExpand
Test of a Neutron Spectrometer in NIST Standard Fields
A neutron spectrometer was tested in four reference neutron fields at NIST. These fields were generated by a bare 252 Cf source and by 252 Cf moderated by D 2 O, H 2 O, and Fe. The sensitivity andExpand
Intercomparison of Neutron Dosimetry Techniques at the AFFRI Triga Reactor
In 1983 a programmc of neutron dosimetry validation was undertaken at the TRIGA Mark F nuclear reactor at the Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute (AFRRI). Since the Intr,:cational Nc,;tronExpand
Measurement of neutrons reflected form the surfaces of a calibration room.
Measurements of the variation of the response of 9-in. spherical rem-meters and 3-in. Bonner spheres with distance from a Cf fission neutron source are presented. Measurements in two differentExpand
Methods for Routine Monitoring