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Zooplankton research off Peru: a review
Abstract A review of zooplankton studies conducted in Peruvian marine waters is given. After a short history of the development of zooplankton research off Peru, we review zooplankton methodology,Expand
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Plankton community as an indicator of water quality in tropical shrimp culture ponds.
The plankton was examined as an indicator of water quality in 14 shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei farms in Brazil in 2003. The ponds were categorized by high stocking density (>30 PL m(-2)) ofExpand
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Utilization of carbon sources in a northern Brazilian mangrove ecosystem
Abstract Carbon and nitrogen stable isotope ratios ( 13 C and 15 N) and trophic level (TL) estimates based on stomach content analysis and published data were used to assess the contribution ofExpand
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Influence of the Amazon and Pará Rivers on Water Composition and Phytoplankton Biomass on the Adjacent Shelf
Abstract In the context of the REVIZEE programme, an extensive sampling cruise was carried out in the northern section of the Brazilian Exclusive Economic Zone on board O.V. Antares (Operation NorthExpand
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Mesozooplankton of an Impacted Bay in North Eastern Brazil
Mesozooplankton abundance and distribution at Suape Bay, Pernambuco, was studied to assess the impacts caused by the construction of an internal port to increase the capacity of the Suape PortExpand
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Fluxes of zooplankton biomass between a tidal estuary and the sea in Northeastern Brazil
B S T R A C T The objective of this study was to quantify the zooplankton biomass transport between the Santa Cruz Channel (SCC) at Catuama north inlet and the adjacent shelf located in ItamaracaExpand
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Trophic Interactions Between Fish And Other Compartment CommunitiesIn A Tropical Estuary In Brazil As Indicator Of Environmental Quality
Studies on fish stomach contents were carried out to assess the trophic interactions between them and other compartment communities of the Santa Cruz Channel, a tropical estuary in Brazil. Food itemsExpand
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Distribution And Dispersal of Decapod Crustacean Larvae and Other Zooplankton In The Itamaracá Estuarine System, Brazil.
Amostragens quantitativas de plâncton foram desenvolvidas no sistema estuarino de Itamaraca durante baixa-mares diurnas de fevereiro de 1995 a maio de 1996. Utilizou-se uma rede de plâncton de 300µmExpand
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