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Coping Processes of Couples Experiencing Infertility
This study explored the coping processes of couples experiencing infertility. Participants included 420 cou- ples referred for advanced reproductive treatments. Couples were divided into groups basedExpand
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The Usability Problem Taxonomy: A Framework for Classification and Analysis
This paper presents the Usability Problem Taxonomy (UPT), a taxonomic model in which usability problems detected in graphical user interfaces with textual components are classified from both an artifact and a task perspective. Expand
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Statistics In Plain English With Computer Applications
Basic concepts. Estimation. Sample tests. Intervals. Analysis of variance. Factorial designs. Correlation. Simple linear regression. Multiple linear regression. Statistical tables.
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Measuring Object-Oriented Design
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Graphical encoding for information visualization: an empirical study
Our empirical study suggests that the nature of the users' perceptual task is more indicative of the effectiveness of a graphical encoding than the type of data represented. Expand
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Experiments in social data mining: The TopicShop system
We report here on TopicShop, a system that mines information from the structure and content of Web pages and provides an exploratory information workspace interface to this information. Expand
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An empirical study of the object-oriented paradigm and software reuse
This paper describes the preliminary results of a controlled experiment designed to evaluate the impact of the object-oriented paradigm on software reuse. Expand
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Human-computer interface development tools: a methodology for their evaluation
A comprehensive checklist-based methodology produces quantifiable criteria for evaluating and comparing human-computer interface development tools along two dimensions: functionality and usability. Expand
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An empirical user-based study of text drawing styles and outdoor background textures for augmented reality
A challenge in presenting augmenting information in outdoor augmented reality (AR) settings lies in the broad range of uncontrollable environmental conditions that may be present, specifically large scale fluctuations in natural lighting and wide variations in likely backgrounds or objects in the scene. Expand
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Drug refusal behavior: the relative efficacy of skills-based and information-based treatment.
Examined the impact of two treatment strategies on children's drug refusal skills and drug-related information. Fifty-seven third graders were randomly assigned to one of three groups:Expand
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