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Introduction: The International Criminal Court—Old Wine in a New Bottle?
When the International Criminal Court became operational on 1 July 2002, it was welcomed with great expectations by the international community as an important player in the fight against impunityExpand
The Security Council Deferral Power Under Article 16 Rome Statute
Chapter 11 focuses on the deferral power of the Security Council, which is described in Article 16 Rome Statute. This provision deals with the Council’s right to defer ICC proceedings for a renewableExpand
U.S. Bilateral Non-Surrender Agreements and Article 98(2) Rome Statute
This chapter deals with U.S. bilateral non-surrender agreements which are aimed at preventing U.S. nationals being surrendered to the ICC. More specifically, after analysing Article 98(2) RS, whichExpand
The Universalisation of Western Values Since the Second World War
This chapter assesses whether the field of ICL, similarly to colonial legal systems, is also based on Western laws and values. The chapter specifically focuses on the system of international coreExpand
The International Criminal Court at the Mercy of Powerful States
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Introduction Part III
This Part investigates how the notion of neo-colonialism reappears in the field of International Criminal Law (ICL) and the ICC in particular. First, the pervasive fact of structural asymmetry isExpand
Introduction Part I
Part I, comprising two chapters, is concerned with historical analyses of the concepts of colonialism and neo-colonialism (Chap. 3), including an assessment of the role of law during EuropeanExpand
The Security Council Referral Power Under Article 13(b) Rome Statute
This chapter is the first of three chapters which apply the elaborated framework of legal neo-colonialism to the Rome Statute. It focuses on the role of the Security Council as a triggering sourceExpand
Introduction Part II
In the second Part, focus shifts towards the field of ICL, providing for an understanding how the field of ICL is conceptually different from colonial and neo-colonial forms of domination. ThisExpand
Legal Colonialism by European States
This chapter focuses on the legal structures that were introduced by the European powers during colonial rule, to understand how law related and contributed to these systems of domination (Sect.Expand