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Physical and chemical characterization of an oyster hemagglutinin.
The natural hemagglutinin of the oyster Crassostrea virginica was examined for possible structural relationship with vertebrate immunoglobulins, but data do not demonstrate obvious structural similarities to mammalian immunoglOBulins. Expand
Pathogenic species of the genus Haemophilus and Streptococcus pneumoniae produce immunoglobulin A1 protease.
The finding that H. influenzae and S. pneumoniae produce an IgA1 protease indicates that this is a property of all three major etiological agents of bacterial meningitis, and suggests that IgA 1 protease production may be an important factor in the pathogenesis of this disease. Expand
Isolation, characterization and immunolocalization of a 53-kDal dentin sialoprotein (DSP).
Observations suggest that DSP may be an important marker for cells in the odontoblast lineage as well as immunohistochemical localization data reported elsewhere. Expand
Isolation, characterization, and biosynthesis of a phosphorylated glycoprotein from rat bone.
A phosphorylated glycoprotein was purified from the mixture of proteins extracted by demineralization of rat bone with 0.5 M EDTA in 4 M guanidinium chloride. A high level of purity for theExpand
In vitro synthesis of IgM rheumatoid factor by lymphocytes from healthy adults.
IgM RF production induced by PWM was dependent upon de novo protein synthesis and exhibited T cell dependence and the data indicate that B cells capable of synthesizing RF commonly occur in normal individuals but are not ordinarily activated. Expand
Enhanced in vitro synthesis of IgM rheumatoid factor in rheumatoid arthritis.
The results indicate that B cells programmed to produce IgM RF are present in both normal and RA B cell repertoires, but are preferentially expressed in RA. Expand
Suppression of rheumatoid factor production by methotrexate in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Evidence for differential influences of therapy and clinical status on IgM and IgA rheumatoid factor
Results indicate that MTX treatment per se decreases both IgM-RF and IgA-RF levels, whereas clinical improvement correlates with decreased IgM -RF levels only. Expand
Reassociation of the dissociated fragments through reformation of disulfide bonds resulted in the formation of fast sedimenting molecules having properties similar to those of the untreated 19S material in respect to precipitation with aggregated γ-globulin and agglutination of coated red cells. Expand
Circulating immune complexes and immunoglobulin A rheumatoid factor in patients with mesangial immunoglobulin A nephropathies.
The results indicate that the IgA1 component of CIC in patients with IgA nephropathy is not necessarily of mucosal origin and suggest that a portion of these CIC consists of IgA RF immunologically complexed with autologous IgG. Expand